Has a New Look!!!
It has been nearly six months in the works, but we've completely redesigned our website with you in mind. Several of the new features and improvements include:
  • The latest in internet safety and security protocols
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Easier to navigate
  • Additional shipping options for most items
  • Once you have items in your cart, an icon appears on the right side of the screen letting you know the number of items in your cart.  You can click on that icon to go directly to your cart.
  • Improved photography
  • More-detailed descriptions
Just like when birds migrate, as we've migrated to our new, more secure, server, a few items have straggled behind.  We will continue to re-photograph, adjust the descriptions, and add them to the new version of our website as quickly as possible.  If there is something you would like to order but can't find on the new website, please let us know and we will move it up the list of products to add, doing everything within our power to make it appear within 48 hours.  Replying to this post is the fastest way to get your favorite item added, but if you prefer, you can always reach us through the contact us form!

Thank you for all the recent comments and support that have turned this website into what you see here.

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